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The NEW home of Accessible Games SV!

My name is Robert Betz, and I write the games on this web site.

When I say these games are accessible, I am telling you that these games can be played by people with any type of visual impairment.

Anyone who is barely legally blind to people who are totally blind.

I realize this sounds like a bold statement to make, but I know these games are accessible because I am totally blind myself.

You can download a free 15 day trial version of each game from this web site!

This allows you to play the game for up to 15 days to see if you like it.

If you do enjoy the game, you can purchase a registered copy of the game which has no time limits on it, for a very low price.

During the trial period, or when the trial period is over, you can visit the Accessible Games Order page to order a registered copy of the game.

Some of you may know that I had said I was going to raise the price of each individual game from $9.99 to $12.99, but I never could do it.

The reason is because as a blind person myself, and also on a fixed income, I know very well how difficult it is for a blind person to survive, let alone have money for luxuries such as computer games.

For this reason, I have decided to not raise my prices!

This does place a hardship on me and my family, but I have to hope you will buy enough of my games to offset the money I am losing by keeping the price low.

Please, if you enjoy these games, purchase the ones you can, when you can, so I can continue to develop new more exciting games for you!

Visit the Accessible Games online order page to purchase any individual game for only $9.99 US!

Accessible Games Order Page!

The Accessible Games SV 8 Pack!

The Accessible Games SV 8 Pack is one product containing these 8 games:

Accessible Battleship SV
Accessible Blackjack SV
Accessible FreeCell SV
Accessible Memory SV
Accessible Simon SV
Accessible Word Play SV
Accessible Word Scramble SV
Accessible Yahtzee SV

You can purchase the 8 pack and download it immediately, for only US $69!

Accessible Games Order Page!

Accessible Games SV!

Accessible Games SV are designed specifically for visually impaired and blind computer users.

I am totally blind and wrote these games myself.

This allows me to be very confident to say, that these games are accessible to all, especially those of us with vision loss.

I enjoy playing these games myself, so if a totally blind dummy like me can play them, you will surely be able to enjoy them too.

Links are provided below allowing you to read about each game, and even download a free 15 day trial version to try out.

First though, let me explain a very important feature of all these games.

Eloquence speech synthasizer!

All games listed below have the initials SV in their name.

The initials SV represent the words "Self Voicing".

Self voicing is my way, to tell the user that the game can speak, with no other software or hardware required!

If you are using a computer running Windows 95, 98, 98SE, Milineum, 2000, XP, or 2007, these games will provide a spoken interface for visually impaired and blind users.

This is accomplished by including the Eloquence speech synthasizer in each game.

Eloquence is considered by many to be the premier software speech synthasizer in the world, and each of these games contains its own copy of this great speech interface.

The Eloquence speech synthasizer has many great features, and here are only a few:

8 unique voices ranging from Reed, an adult male voice, to Bobby, a child's voice, and even Grandma and Grandpa, the voices of the wise elderly grandparents.
You can choose any of these 8 voices to provide the speech interface to the game.
You have the ability to change these voices too!
Change the pitch of the voice
Change the speech rate
Change the volume of the voice too!

The ability to change the voice makes it fun and easy to create a voice that is easy to understand, and how fast it speaks.

If you decide to play with the voices, and create a voice you really like, simply choose the OK button in the voices window, and your changes will be saved and used until you change it again!

Most importantly, remember that this great speech output is built directly into each game, so no other hardware or software is required!

Enough reading, go ahead and use the following links to get a free trial version right now, and I hope you enjoy playing these games as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Battleship SV

Blackjack SV

Freecell SV

Memory SV

Poker Squares SV

Suit Yourself SV

Simon SV

Word Play SV

Word Scramble SV

Yahtzee SV